Who I Am

Howdy folks! I'm Sarah.

Welcome to my tiny corner of joy where I share some of the wonderful things I've made, seen, or experienced.

I am a software developer, but in my off hours, I knit garments, study Spanish and Korean, bird, ride my bike, kayak, sneak in some yoga, take walks along various bodies of water, play with the cutest puppy, and ardently avoid folding laundry.

I’ve been knitting for over 30 years, but there are still techniques I've yet to learn and yarns I've yet to rub all over my face!  My goal is to make beautiful / edgy garments that force me to try new things and embrace styles and colors that match how I feel at this stage in my life. Wild, carefree, and a little bit restless!

Cooking.  I used to fear it.  Then in graduate school, I used it as a procrastination tactic.  Now I'm just tired.  But I'm hoping this blog will help me find that spark.  One thing that hasn't slowed down is my love of dining out and Madison has some great restaurants I'll share.  I have also started a tiny balcony garden, where my  sole goal is to grow one stalk of corn.  If I get other veggies, that's just gravy.

I love concerts, museums, and architecture, so you'll be seeing a bit of all of these things showcased here.  The Sylvee is a great venue right down the main drag, and there are other places to catch local acts around the city!